School Daze Doggie Style!



Kids are excited to go back to school.  Join the fun with these three ideas for you and your pet:

1.  Children love meeting new friends when they return to school. Likewise, dogs are extremely social creatures, and most are quite happy to be in the company of other dogs. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of adopting a new pal, it’s a great time to take the plunge. The autumn weather is brisk and inviting, a perfect occasion to accustom a new family member to the pack. Visit Pet Finder today and start the search!

2.  Students go to school to learn. When it comes to your dog, don’t get stuck on the old adage that says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Like children, dogs learn in many different ways. The secret is to make it fun. Show the pupster what you want, but be casual instead of serious. Celebrate the smallest improvement with praise, treats, and games. You’ll both have a great time, and you may be surprised at how willing your dog is to try.

3.  Children blossom when they participate in after-school clubs or athletics. Organized pursuits abound for dogs and their owners, too. Sports such as agility and dock diving are perfect for active pets, while therapy work may suit quieter, more laid-back dogs. Yet there’s no pooch that can resist nose work , a game that builds the canine acumen for discerning and locating specific scents. No matter the activity, the benefit to dogs is obvious; however don’t forget the social and leisure opportunities for owners when they meet up with other two-legged hobbyists at extra-curricular doggy doings!

Enjoy your dog’s zest for life by embracing the back-to-school vibe. It just might reenergize you, too!Lori Mauger, freelance writer

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