Lori Mauger Wins Prestigious Pet Writing Scholarship

New Jersey Dog Trainer Recipient of Mordecai Siegal Scholarship

NEW YORK – January 24, 2011 – The Business of Pet Writing Conference is pleased to announce Lori Mauger as the 2011 Recipient of the Mordecai Siegal Scholarship. Lori began competing in the sport of dog obedience in her youth and is currently both a certified trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog trainers and an AKC CGC/STAR Puppy Evaluator. She earned an undergraduate journalism degree and a graduate degree in education technology. Lori is the proud owner of two Border Collies and a Whippet.

Mordecai SiegalLori Mauger Wins Prestigious Mordecai Siegal Pet Writing Scholarship

Mordecai Siegal

The Mordecai Siegal Scholarship was created in memory of Morton “Mordecai” Siegal, a member of the Dog Writers Association of America. Mr. Siegal, author of thirty-three books, was an eloquent speaker, mentor and President Emeritus of the Dog Writers Association of America, an organization he truly loved. Mr. Siegal passed away on April 1, 2010.

The scholarship covers registration to the Business of Pet Writing Conference and the networking lunch for one individual. Friends of the late Siegal have also contributed to the scholarship with a ticket to the Dog Writers Association of America Annual Banquet, courtesy of Sam and Cynthia Kohl of Aaronco Publishing, and tickets for Westminster’s Annual Dog Show, courtesy of David Frei.

“The committee was pleased to receive scholarship applications from candidates with strong and diverse backgrounds who have a desire to pursue a career in animal-interest writing. Ms. Mauger was a stand-out – her essay really impressed us. Furthermore, it is ironic that the first recipient of the scholarship is a dog trainer, considering Mordecai’s first book with Matthew Margolis was about dog training,” says Charlotte Reed, founder of The Business of Pet Writing Conference.

Conference participants had the opportunity to meet with top agents and editors from popular magazines, animal-interest websites, and book publishing companies.Lori Mauger, freelance writer

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Lori Mauger Wins Prestigious Pet Writing Scholarship

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